Prices and Delivery


Translations in Germany are generally priced per number of characters, whereby a line consists of 55 characters including spaces. I also offer quotes based on the number of words in the text you need translated.

Translators into from German to English generally prefer basing their quote on the translated text - German texts have on the whole fewer - much longer - words. I do it the other way around and base my quote on the original German preferring leeway in translating into English so that it reads like English without the customer being tempted to comparing the two and wondering WHY I used more words in the English, or started a new sentence instead of continuing on with a list (thus increasing the overall number of words ...).

Regarding the quote, suffice it to say that it is negotiable. It depends not only on the customer (direct client or an agency) but the content (complexity of the original) and urgency of the document.

I charge a minimum of EUR 25.00 for jobs for new clients.

Rates depend very much on the quality of the text to be proofread.

To account for the uncertainties of life, I prefer having more time on hand than required. So I calculate approximately one working day per 1,000 words, roughly 4 pages.